Stadia Partners with Thunderful Games

Today, we announced our partnership with the incredible team at Thunderful Games.

We had an opportunity to connect with Klaus Lyngeled, Head of Development, to tell us more about the partnership.

Q: Klaus, can you introduce your team and what you're known for? What makes Thunderful Games & Stadia a good fit?


Klaus Lyngeled, Head of Development at Thunderful Games: Thunderful is actually quite a new studio, made out of the merger of Image & Form and Zoink, two companies who have been around for a long time. We are well-known for our SteamWorld series of games spanning from platform adventures to light RPGs, as well as our other creative games such as Stick It to The Man and our beautiful forest game, Fe.

We love creating innovative games and Stadia’s technology makes it so easy to try something different. There are almost no barriers for players to try new games – no downloading and installing. We think this will let people try new types of games that they usually wouldn’t. 


Q: What gets your team excited about the potential of developing a game on Stadia?


Klaus: Since Stadia keeps the game builds in the cloud, it’s incredibly easy to access and test the game internally. The team can see how this technology makes our game really accessible, it’s literally just a browser click away! That’s an amazing power that we’re really excited about.

Q: How has your collaboration with the Stadia team been so far?

Klaus: It’s been a great collaboration lots of excellent guidance that has pushed us to make the game better than we could have ever imagined. Stadia has hired some of the most talented people from the games industry. It’s obvious that they really know and care a lot about the quality of games.


Q: What benefits have the team experienced so far within your development on Stadia?


Klaus: Having the game in the cloud makes it incredibly easy to test internally and externally, especially now that we’re all working from home during the pandemic. And since Stadia allows us to easily shift the gameplay experience from a computer to other supported devices, we can quickly see exactly what the final user will experience. 


Q: We’re all excited to learn more about what you guys are working on. When can we hear more?


Klaus: We hope we can reveal more early next year. We are working really hard and can’t wait to show everyone what we are up to!


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