Announcing Stadia Partners; Free Development Hardware for Selected Developers

At Google I manage our first- and second-party development efforts and it is my absolute pleasure to announce Stadia Partners, a program built to help developers of any size or experience bring their in-development game to market in partnership with Google.

Anyone who has released a game before knows that one of the most challenging steps in the process is calling your creation “done” and actually pushing it over the finish line to release into the world. At Google, we’ve built teams comprised of veteran producers, designers, artists, animators, marketing professionals, financial analysts, and more to help you ship the best game possible.

How Can You Apply?
The application process for Stadia Partners is built into the standard application process for developers to get access to our tools. There’s a simple checkbox at the end of the form that indicates you would like to submit your game for Stadia Partners. Once we receive your company’s information we can make an informed decision about how to follow up with you to learn more about your specific game title(s).

Stadia Partners Game Content
One of the biggest questions that any program like this faces is, “How will you prioritize content selections?” For us, it’s simple. Our key requirement is that you have something to show for the game you’re pitching. We ask that you provide links to builds and YouTube videos in the game submission form. This form will be sent to studios chosen to move to the second step in the partnership process. There is no genre or game type to which you must adhere. As mentioned above, the first step is submitting your company’s information and indicating interest in Stadia Partners on the application (link above). We’re so excited to learn more about the great games that are out there.

Partnerships and Development Hardware
All games are different. Teams and their dynamics, perhaps even more so. With that variety in mind, our partnership options for [Stadia] Partners will be tailored to the needs of your team and game. We will arrive at the right resource investment from Google in partnership with selected studios.

We’re also proud to announce that we will be providing free development workstation nodes (the Stadia version of a traditional devkit) to our first Stadia Partners at no cost. We can’t wait to learn more about your team and what you’re working on. If you’re interested in applying for Stadia Partners, click here.

--Julien Cuny, Creative Director
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